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Workflow automation

Automated Workflow automation and Paperless approvals

Rapidus Africa will help you migrate all your current workflow processes from paper or excel to a fully electronic and mobile environment.



        Over 80% reduction in cost cutting emanating from paper , printing expenses and man hours lost in paper searching and retrieval.


        Over 100% improvement in document security and loss prevention.


        Over 100% achievement of disaster recovery and real time remote document access.


       Over 80% increase in work turn around as all relevant institutional approvals can now be done remotely and in real time via a smartphone or tablet.


With a paper environment, your current risk of losing institutional memory in case of fire or natural calamities stands at 100%, this risk can permanently paralyze your operations.


Rapidus Africa e-workflow solution migration will improve your institutional efficiencies and productivity by over 70% and provide guaranteed business continuity by 100% through real time back up and by the minute data analysis.

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