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Case Studies--
Mobile and Telecommunication

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Customer :  Orica Zambia Office

Problem :  Poor GSM and 4G signal, this affected smooth inhouse and external communication leading to lost business opportunities.

Solution :  Rapidus Africa deployed an Industrial Signal repeater, flooding Orica Zambia plant with 4G Signal exceeding a coverage radius of over 1 kilometer.​

Customer :  Lusaka Water Sanitation Company Limited

Problem :  LWSC launched their smart meter reading project but because they were using normal smartphones, the physical damage and replacement cost was too high.

Solution :  Rapidus Africa supplied LWSC with Rugged phones , this reduced total cost of ownership and improved overall project success.


Customer :  Yalelo Zambia

Problem :  Yalelo was spending colossal amount of money in Smartphone replacement every quarter.

Solution :  Rapidus Africa supplied Yalelo with Rugged smartphones, this reduced total cost of ownership saved the company Thousands of Dollars in Smartphone cost.

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