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Banking, Financial Services, Insurance and Pensions


Bio-Metric security

Rapidus Africa provide Bio-Metric Authentication technologies for finance, banks and pension funds to prevent fraud.

Using Voice biometrics for transaction approval, customer contact centre and bank hall identification in banks and Proof of Life Authentication for pensioners is a win for both the institution and customers.

Why voice biometrics -Advantages and Benefits

Voice capture does not require complex and costly hardware currently used in capturing other biometrics like Iris Scanner, Finger Print scanner and Facial recognition. A basic entry level smartphone is all you need to capture voice while varication can be done even on a feature phone.

You can passively implement voice capture during your normal customer interaction calls.

Verification can be done remotely.

Voice is impossible to copy for fraudsters.

People who cannot write can use voice signatures.

It is super convenient to use voice biometrics.

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