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Learning Management and remote assessment Systems

Rapidus Africa is changing the way the academia delivers courses and assess their students.


Our unique learning management platform not only allows institutions of learning to deliver a series of content formats (Text, Audio, Video, Games) via online channels but also make it possible to assess the students using patented remote invigilation software with plagiarism detection functionality.

Bespoke exam and assessment development
Multiple examination methods
Question banking system
Exam question analysis, edit and audit
Fully Branded
Dedicated Server
Remote invigilation
Live invigilation
Exam and Assessment delivery 24/7
 IP Lockdown
IQA & EQA access
Fully Branded
 Posture recognition technology
Plagiarism detection software
 Tutor interaction and feedback facility
Multiple grading types
Unlimited Users

Credential Signing and Verification Management System

Using blockchain Technology, Rapidus Africa has a solution that will help you make your institution’s certificates and degrees tamper proof and verifiable within minutes.

Our solution will also allow you to sign millions of certificates on a single click of a button thereby serving you time and money.


Bandwidth Management Systems

Due vast student population, many universities struggle with find a working solution ensuring that all the students have fair share and access to the University WiFi network. It is also important to ensure that the internet connection quality is guaranteed  to avoid poor customer experience

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